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    Code of Alabama § 26-14-3 (1975) provides for the mandatory and permissive reporting of child abuse/neglect to a "duly constituted authority,” primarily the Department of Human Resources (DHR) and law enforcement, when any person suspects children are being abused or neglected. The Child Abuse Mandated Reporters Training explains:

    • Why it is important to report child abuse and neglect
    • Who is required to report it
    • How to recognize it
    • How and when to report it
    • What happens after a report is made

    The Alabama Adult Protective Services (APS) Act of 1976 (Code of Alabama § 38-9-2 through 38-9-11) addresses abuse, neglect, and exploitation of adults who are incapable of protecting themselves and have no one willing or able to protect them. It outlines the responsibilities of DHR, law enforcement, caregivers, individuals, and agencies in reporting and/or investigating these cases. The Adult Abuse Mandated Reporters Training explains:

    • Who is an adult in need of protective services in Alabama
    • How to recognize abuse, neglect, and exploitation in vulnerable adults
    • Who is required to report adult abuse, neglect, and exploitation
    • How and what to report when abuse, neglect, or exploitation is suspected
    • What happens after a report is made

    Additional helpful information is located in the Make a Report and Definitions sections that supplement the trainings.

    Thank you for helping abused and neglected children and vulnerable adults!

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