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Adult Abuse

The infliction of physical pain, injury, or the willful deprivation by a caregiver or other person of services necessary to maintain mental and physical health (Code of Alabama § 38-9-2(1) (1975)).

Adult Exploitation

The expenditure, diminution, or use of the property, assets, or resources of a protected person without the express voluntary consent of that person or his or her legally authorized representative; or the admission of or provision of care to a protected person who needs to be in the care of a licensed hospital by an unlicensed hospital after a court order obtained by the State Board of Health has directed closure of the unlicensed hospital (Code of Alabama § 38-9-2(8) (1975)).

Adult in Need of Protective Services

A person 18 years of age or older whose behavior indicates that he/she is mentally incapable of adequately caring for himself/herself and his/her interests without serious consequences to himself/herself or others, or who, because of physical or mental impairment, is unable to protect himself/herself from abuse, neglect, exploitation, sexual abuse, or emotional abuse by others, and who has no guardian, relative, or other appropriate person able, willing, and available to assume the kind and degree of protection and supervision required under the circumstances (Code of Alabama § 38-9-2(2) (1975)).

Adult Neglect

The failure of a caregiver to provide food, shelter, clothing, medical services, and health care for the person unable to care for himself/herself; or the failure of the person to provide these basic needs for himself/herself when the failure is the result of the person's mental or physical inability (Code of Alabama § 38-9-2(12) (1975)).